Adam writes and performs original songs that capture his passion for blues, country and folk, laced with his own brand of attitude and humour. 

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"Next up was #thenewguy, Adam Woodhouse. It was great to see artists on the lineup that I had personally never heard of before. He began his set with an original called 'The Sickness' which had a very bluesy vibe. His second song had a very american, traditional country influence and the audience are told that this song was written about his mental family. He did not give us the name of this song however, for all those that were in the room I think we all know which one I am talking about. I really enjoyed this song for a couple of reasons: firstly, there are not many songs that are quite frankly straight to the point which made it quite funny but hidden beneath the lyrical content that made us all laugh, were some very strong lyrics that really hit home for me - 'you only get one shot at get it right'.

Adam finished on two songs that he described went hand in hand. The first, 'Trouble', about a women that he used to know and second, 'Another Night', about a women that he knows now. He made sure to point out that these were definitely written about different women but I loved the contrast of the two songs. The first was very feisty and upbeat followed by the second which was more of a Country Ballad with a glorious acoustic guitar instrumental."

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